Abolish your dreams

2003 / catalogue

Independent catalogue to the exhibition by Aida Ghardagian ”Försvinn om du är fattig” [Fuck you if you are poor].

Collaboration with Mauritz Tistelö, Aida Ghardagian and Johan Möller.

Download the catalogue in PDF (2719 kB, 100 pages, in Swedish only)

Backside text:
“Globalization is a concept with so many implications that it has lost its original meaning. For each individual group it has the implication best suited to their perspective. To multinationals and big finance globalization means free movement of goods and capital. National politicians use globalization as an excuse for impotence and passivity on their part. To the workers in the south hemisphere it means employment, but to workers on the north hemisphere it means unemployment. To the Swedish consumer it means cheaper bananas. To the banana grower in Nicaragua it means just about food and shelter. What for one party is a gain can be a major loss to someone else.

This catalogue collects testimonials in the form of statements, letters, poems, essays, interviews, pictures and stories. The contents describe and comment upon the state of the world: The protected tax havens of finance and the everyday of popular resistance. The politics in Latin America and the state of emotions in a Swedish kindergarten. Arab art and Swedish bread recipes. Dream and reality.

Features Marie Bondeson, Carina Carlström, Oskar Engdahl, Aida Ghardagian, Jan O Karlsson, Jonna Kevin, Amanda Peralta, Björn Perborg, Mauritz Tistelö, Masoud Vatankhah and Jennie Öberg.”