Personal living


Focus on living

For many, many years politicians, house owners and tenants alike thought living was about having a roof over your head and a safe place to sleep. Like the cave man and his cave.

Today we know that our home is the most important place in our lives. It's where we live, cook and eat, make love and raise our children. Choosing and shaping our homes should be as natural as choosing (and shaping) a partner for life. A standard partner of the A model would never be a hit...

Now most people dream about planning their own home, deciding upon everything from the distribution of rooms to the design of door handles. As a resident in Kåkstad 2000 [Shantytown 2000] you may decide the way your home looks in every detail. The time is gone when uniformity was a virtue and you could visit your neighbour just to find a home just like your own.

Custom made homes

The future is here, the future is now. For their new homes in Shantytown all 112 tenants had their own interior decorator. Each tenant could select what they thought would be beautiful and most practical. Using computer and VR technology you as visitors can walk through all the individual homes in Shantytown – custom made homes to meet the different needs of different people. No home looks the same. Project ”Kåkstad 2000” [Shantytown 2000] envisions this as a model for future home building.

Listen to diversity

This exhibition highlights the impact of radical global changes on living conditions, and on the way homes are built. The society today is a society of diversity. New frontiers, new ways of working and new technology makes for finding individual ways of creating homes for individual people.


Welcome to ”Kåkstad 2000” [Shantytown 2000]. Here we give you a unique opportunity to walk around in the private homes of other people. Be inspired, find dislikes and start thinking about your own solutions and choices. If you feel the need for a home of your own, Shantytown will show you the way.

What has Shantytown 2000 meant to you?

Gunnar Loxdal, 37

– Have already been to see it a couple of times and I must say it's incredible what they have achieved. I recommend everyone to go visit.