Life style concept


Tour of inspection

How you choose your home today is an important way of making a statement about who you are. But it's not primarily the size of your home that matters. It's the way the home is shaped, how rooms are planned, what building materials are being used, where the home is situated and – of course – the price tag.

– Good raw material, good tools and a good kitchen. Add some imagination and love and your cooking can't fail, says José wrapping Parma ham around the chicken filet stuffed with mozzarella cheese and at the same time checking that his apricot pie in the oven is getting the right colour.

José is a man who enjoys life in every sense. And he has been committed to shape his individual home as well. His key-words are: quality, design, individualism, aesthetics and environment.

Recycling for our times

Neither Juanita or Pedro has a large income. Obviously they had to save on luxury but their home of some 97 sq. ft is a good example on how you can shape your individual home with all the amenities you want even though space is limited. Clever solutions and some own work effort made all the difference. Juanita and Pedro like giving their interior a personal touch by redressing and repainting their furniture. They are also particular about environment and recycling.


Naturalness is a focal point from their herb culture to the recycled furniture and also the lifestyle of the couple.

Juanita enjoys baking bread and you will seldom find any bought bread on their table. From the kitchen baking she has a lovely view of their patio. The furnishing clearly shows that the kitchen is their favourite place. They have made that space personal and cosy by displaying objects such as vases in recycled glass and blue-white porcelain from the 1950s.

Juanita and Pedro both belong to the goal oriented personality type. Keywords for their living: compact living, economical thinking, IT, recycling, natural materials, vintage feeling, culture and ethics.

Compact living – Small home, big life

To live at low cost, friendly to the environment and in smart spaces – all-in-one is something many dream about but very few can achieve. Shanty town offers a flexible alternative for people who want to have a small home but a big living!

New ways of living

The solution known as “Compact Living” may be the answer to the new lifestyles and family constellations of modern times. The life of the modern nomad is characterized by freedom, flexibility and mobility. What could then be better than to bring your house along on your back, like the snail. Houses are built in concordance with nature, and often show proof of daring experimentation, clever solutions and flexible interior decoration as well as new thinking and adaptation to the various phases of life.

During ”Kåkstad 2000” [Shantytown 2000] a winner is selected by a combined jury procedure and a vote among the visitors to the fair.

What has Shantytown 2000 meant to you?

Gertrud Bohlin
Malmberg, 47
travelling salesman, Lund

– This has been a huge success for the company. The demand for this kind of event is enormous. We have been working very hard, but it's also very exciting. I'm not sure if I'll be able to go there myself. It would be great to be able to be there for the final days in December though.