Enter ”Kåkstad 2000”
[Shantytown 2000]


A festival with focus on man and aiming for the future is an evident space for cultural manifestations. The fair ground contains several meeting spaces with cultural activities.

Oasis – for children of all ages

Children meet at the Oasis where there are many exciting and pleasurable surprises. Here the kids can be more than consumers, they can be creative together with various artists playing theatre, singing, dancing, playing, juggling and so on. But these artists are not confined to the Oasis. You will find them anywhere on the fair.

The Oasis at ”Kåkstad 2000” [Shantytown 2000] is a waterhole to fill our senses with joy, calm and something extra and crazy. A place to experience with all your senses.

And we need that, an oasis of fun and laughter in the midst of our stressful everyday governed by rigid schedules. A place where kids are allowed to be kids and where adults can let the kid inside them have some fun. A place where we can marvel with big eyes at the fun of things. Oasis in the grounds of ”Kåkstad 2000” [Shantytown 2000] will remind us of the importance of making pauses in your life, to stop and have a breather, to enjoy living.

Celebrity visit

Children’s ”Kåkstad 2000” [Shantytown 2000] has a lot to give. Donald Duck comes on a visit on October 14. A mini-star show also takes place at the Oasis and faces get painted. Events like a mini-circus, special children shows and clowns also happen right there. ”Kåkstad 2000” [Shantytown 2000] also means action. And every Saturday you may watch the fire brigade, coast guards and military police ”saving lives” in staged accidents in the shanty towns.

Paper town

Architectural student Cecilie Bendixen and artist Sophus Eilar Zapate helped children aged 6-9 building their own cabins. These cabins make up a small cardboard city which the audience can visit and explore.

What has Shantytown 2000 meant to you?

Jörgen Carlsson,
33, chef, Grums
and Vaxholm

– I'm bringing my family in October. We've been looking forward to this for ages. It will sure be exciting.