Top Five

The best works of art 2001

01. The German government buys 250 000 healthy cows and have them incinerated, this in order to raise the price of meat. A huge piece of art-work belonging to the tradition including the likes of Herman Nitsch. Tangent to the discussion following ”Bye bye beauty” by Pål Hollender. Does one have the right to do things you yourself find wrong in order to make a clear statement to others?

02. Trigger Happy Television
– documented performance at its best.

03. Throwing a cream cake at the Swedish King – CNN story

04. Telia – stock market introduction
Previously Telia (Swedish Telecom) was state-owned and so to speak owned by every citizen. Then the citizens were encouraged to buy shares in Telia at an inflated price. And then Telia had to raise the telephone fees to satisfy the stock market.
A large scale work of concept art with obvious didactic points.

05. Here I would have placed the airplanes going into the World Trade Center. It’s hard to be unemotional in face of this symbolic and choreographed demonstration, which is also a great feat of engineering. But after what happened to Karl-Heinz Stockhausen I will not.