Karl & Carl


Karl & Carl, artist duo
Photo: Bjorn Perborg

The artist duo Karl & Carl (Karl Hedin and Björn Carl Perborg) offers a generous mix of animation, sculpture, video and photography. Bizarre and weird situations are exposed as the search light is directed towards human beings and their relationship to the planet, universe, life and death.

– It’s important to stay close to the limit of your understanding of the existence. We try to go there in every work we do.

It is possible to work together in a number of different ways. We come up with some works together. Some works, we produce together. We stand next to each other in the wood workshop, planing the same plank. Other works, we produce independently. Sometimes in a dialogue, as a response, a comment or an association to something that the other part has done. It also happens that we curate each other’s work. We select things that we think can fit together, that has a common, or a contrasting, theme.

Terminus and Still No Response From The Void are two of our recent exhibitions.

Art, animation, film, sculpture