Procrastination is a pretty universal phenomenon. The possibility of instant satisfaction often appears far more attractive than some vague reward in the future. That is why many of us suddenly start to do the dishes, vacuum clean or tidy up the flat when we really should be preparing for an approaching deadline. In this film the artist Björn Perborg reveals how his plans for a two month residency in Copenhagen turned into something else and how he, in the end, had produced nothing but a short film about procrastination.

Procrastination, film still by Björn Perborg, time clock and books.
Photo: Björn Perborg

Year: 2015
Duration: 6.10 min
Narration: Andrew Mottershead
Music: Astor Piazzolla: Nightclub 1960, performed and recorded by Björn Perborg
Theatrical mix / Mastering: Niklas Skarp
Distribution: Filmform