Four More Years With the Alliance

It is late on election night 2014. The Alliance, with the new Labour Party in the lead, has prevailed for the third time in a row. In an interview new Labour Party chairman, comrade Fredrik Reinfeldt, reveals why he wants to reinstate slavery in Sweden. The work-actual meanings are drawn to a head when the final solution for welfare dependency is launched.

Four More Years With The Alliance, film still from animation, Fredrik Reinfeldt, ballons and journalist.
Photo: Björn Perborg

Year: 2010
Technique: Animation HD PAL, Swedish dialogue
Duration: 4.08 min
Voices: Frans Einarsson, Björn Perborg

Hilo Mental / Mental Floss

Hilo mental, or Mental Floss, is a short stop motion animation that shows a ritual for mental hygiene. As the tolerances for what is accepted within the term normality are shrinking Mental Floss proposes yet another ironical self-help cure, and as such, there is of course a product involved, that can be bought and sold. Hilo Mental relates to the absurd fact that psychic ill-health is increasing side by side with economical growth.

Mental Floss, film still from animation by Björn Perborg. Mental Floss, detail.
Photo: Björn Perborg & Claudia del Fierro
Mental Floss, film still from animation by Björn Perborg.
Photo: Björn Perborg & Claudia del Fierro

Year: 2011
Technique: Animation HD
Duration: 0.30 min


Echoing through time the words from a speech originally held in 1775 with depth of panoptical dimensions. Barricades of artificial control mechanisms are installed to protect us from our selves – the ever expanding distance between us.Rancorous Call consists of imagery of surveillance cameras arranged in a symphony to Sir Patrick Henry’s words uttered at St John’s Church in Richmond, USA, and here interpreted by Richard Schumann.

Collaboration with Anna Viola Hallberg. Completely based on found footages and sound collected from the Internet.

Rancorous Call, film still from animation by Anna Viola Hallberg & Björn Perborg, surveillance cameras.
Photo: Anna Viola Hallberg & Björn Perborg

Year: 2006
Technique: Animation SD, English voice-over
Duration: 1 min
Voice: Richard Schumann

Rivjärn [Grater]

Two channel animation. One monitor shows a man grating his genitals on a grater before eating them. He immediately grows new genitals that he grates and eats over and over again. The other monitor shows the tools that he has been using. They are washed and everything seems to be completely normal.

Grater, video installation, animation, at Konsthallen JR, two TV-sets in shopping window.
Photo: Björn Perborg

Year: 2007
Technique: Animation HD PAL
Duration: 1.09 min loop

Swedish Migration Board 14.40

Based on a true story. Swedish Migration Board sends a letter to an individual asylum seeker, instructing him to meet with his case officer to discuss an apprenticeship. Actually it’s a trap and the police are waiting. The asylum seeker is arrested and deported from the country. He then »disappears«.

Swedish Migration Board 14.40, film still from animation, office worker at his desk with computer.
Photo: Björn Perborg
Swedish Migration Board 14.40, film still from animation, policemen hiding in armchairs.
Photo: Björn Perborg
Swedish Migration Board 14.40, film still from animation, airplane leaves the country.
Photo: Björn Perborg
Swedish Migration Board 14.40, film still from animation, speaking planet Earth in space.
Photo: Björn Perborg

Year: 2001
Technique: Animation SD PAL, Swedish dialogue
Duration: 2.10 min

Perfume Factory

n the style of a children’s television program, the making of the world’s most expensive perfume, Carambole, with the irresistible fragrance of a new born babies, is revealed.

Perfume Factory, film still from animation, infants approaching mincer.
Photo: Björn Perborg

Year: 2000
Technique: Animation PAL, French dialogue, English or Swedish subtitles
Duration: 2.12 min
Voices: Michel Droetto, Irene Elmerot