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Rivjärn [Grater]

Two channel animation. One monitor shows a man grating his genitals on a grater before eating them. He immediately grows new genitals that he grates and eats over and over again. The other monitor shows the tools that he has been using. They are washed and everything seems to be completely normal.

Grater, video installation, animation, at Konsthallen JR, two TV-sets in shopping window.
Photo: Björn Perborg

Year: 2007
Technique: Animation HD PAL
Duration: 1.09 min loop

Immigrant Song

Immigrant Song is a two-channel video installation. On the first screen a drummer unpacks a typical drummer’s stick bag, filled with firework rockets, and plays a variation of John Bonham’s drum groove from Led Zeppelin’s »Immigrant Song« using firework rockets as drumsticks. 
On the other screen fireworks over a night sky go off in synchronisation with the drumbeats from the first screen.

Immigrant Song, video installation, fireworks, projection on a wall.
Photo: David Brandt
Immigrant Song, video installation, wall with video monitors showing a drummer.
Photo: David Brandt

Year: 2009
Technique: Video installation with two synchronised images
Duration: 1.51 min loop
Drummer: Hannes Lingens
Cinematography: Claudia del Fierro & Björn Perborg
Immigrant Song is distributed by Filmform.

Of course I shave my balls

Semi-curved construction with theatrical props, light sign and velvet cloth. Inside visitors can see a video recording from theatre Boudoir Intime in Falkenberg. Actors use real newspaper and magazine articles for script. All articles have the same content: three men discussing male vanity, ideals and relations. The articles speak in a didactic tone. Target group is young women presumably wanting to know how men think and what makes them tick.

Of Course You Shave Your Balls, video installation with light sign.
Photo: Zsuzsanna Gilice
Of Course You Shave Your Balls, research material, article, three men discussing.

Year: 2000
Technique: installation with video, Swedish dialogue
Dimensions: 230 x 122 x 250 cm (7.55 ft x 4.00 ft x 8.20 ft)
Duration video: 11 min
Cast: Martin Östh, Bo Andersson, Michael Paulsson, Elin Gradin