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Eight-hour Day

If you are to do everything that is recommended, for example sleep eight hours every night, cook your own food and actively choose your funds, there is a deficit of 1 hour and 11 minutes every day. And this is even before you’ve started working 8 hours a day five days a week. This film explores why there is never enough time for those things most of us consider important, like work, school or love and family life.

Eight-hour Day, film still, Björn Perborg with shopping cart.
Photo: Björn Perborg

Year: 2017
Duration: 3.03 min
Cast: Björn Perborg
The calculation that is the base for the film was done in collaboration with Frans Einarsson and has previously been published on the web site of Cuisine Bizarre: cuisinebizarre.se.

Cuisine Bizarre

In the pilot, »Cross over«, television chefs Frans and Björn cook a three course dinner: shrimps, dill cooked in red wine and served with white beans in tomato sauce, Swedish Falukorv sausage baked with walnuts and eggs flambé in cognac served with whipped cream. The kitchen is very messy and unclean. All over the place you see cook books, tooth brushes, a human skull and artists material – adding character to the already fashionably grimy environment. As a viewer you see creative cooking in the act but can also recognise something of your own attempts at domestic gastronomy.

Collaboration with Frans Einarsson.
Visit the official website of Cuisine Bizarre.
Cuisine Bizarre on YouTube.

Cuisine Bizarre, video still, Frans Einarsson and Björn Perborg with sandwiches and cigarette.
Photo: Leia Sademyr

Year: 2004-2014
Technique: Video SD PAL (TV), Swedish dialogue
Duration: Varying (up to 28 min per episode)
Cast: Frans Einarsson, Björn Perborg
Cinematography: Virgil Dejarv