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Nesting Box

The nesting box is a slightly oversized wooden nesting box with a video monitor and a speaker inside. The video monitor shows a man crying. Already from a distance you can hear the soft sound of crying that might also resemble birds’ twittering. The man cries, apparently without ever stopping – even sadder than that Dutch guy who disappeared from a sailing boat.

Nesting Box, video sculpture by Björn Perborg with crying man inside.
Photo: Björn Perborg

Year: 2012
Technique: Wood, dvd-player, lcd-screen
Dimensions: 69 x 39 x 39 cm (27,2 in x 15,4 in x 15,4 in)

Suitcase Studies

Suitcase studies is a group of suitcases, where every suitcase hosts a miniature art exhibition space, complete with light, parquet and white walls. Among the miniature exhibitions are a series of architecture documentation, documenting airport chapels – the prayer or meditation rooms that can be found in most international airports and an animation based video installation, where the video projection is simulated by small LCD screens. The exhibitions in the suitcases reflect upon phenomena like origin, nostalgia, traveling and migration.

Suitcase Studies, installation with miniature exhibitions inside suitcases. Boy watching video.
Photo: Hendrik Zeitler
Suitcase Studies, installation with miniature exhibitions inside suitcases, detail, airport chapels, photography.
Photo: Claudia del Fierro

Year: 2008
Technique: Suitcases, mdf, glass, backlit photos, lcd-screen etc.
Dimensions: Dimensions variable

Balancing The Books

Sculpture with sound from the exhibition »Death – An Exhibition about Life«, an outdoor exhibition organised by Liljevalchs in Stockholm during the summer of 2016.

Balancing The Books, sound sculpture by Björn Perborg in the shape of a Marshall stack and a grave stone.
Photo: Mattias Lindbäck

Year: 2016
Technique: Plywood, wood, vinyl, cloth, speakers, media player och electronics
Dimensions: 122 x 302 x 45 cm
Voices: Emma Jansson, Alexandra Shabo
Courtesy of Alma Löv Museum, Östra Ämtervik