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Of course I shave my balls

Semi-curved construction with theatrical props, light sign and velvet cloth. Inside visitors can see a video recording from theatre Boudoir Intime in Falkenberg. Actors use real newspaper and magazine articles for script. All articles have the same content: three men discussing male vanity, ideals and relations. The articles speak in a didactic tone. Target group is young women presumably wanting to know how men think and what makes them tick.

Of Course You Shave Your Balls, video installation with light sign.
Photo: Zsuzsanna Gilice
Of Course You Shave Your Balls, research material, article, three men discussing.

Year: 2000
Technique: installation with video, Swedish dialogue
Dimensions: 230 x 122 x 250 cm (7.55 ft x 4.00 ft x 8.20 ft)
Duration video: 11 min
Cast: Martin Östh, Bo Andersson, Michael Paulsson, Elin Gradin

Nesting Box

The nesting box is a slightly oversized wooden nesting box with a video monitor and a speaker inside. The video monitor shows a man crying. Already from a distance you can hear the soft sound of crying that might also resemble birds’ twittering. The man cries, apparently without ever stopping – even sadder than that Dutch guy who disappeared from a sailing boat.

Nesting Box, video sculpture by Björn Perborg with crying man inside.
Photo: Björn Perborg

Year: 2012
Technique: Wood, dvd-player, lcd-screen
Dimensions: 69 x 39 x 39 cm (27,2 in x 15,4 in x 15,4 in)